Skeltons Bakery


When we opened our new cake shop in 2007 the intention was to focus on making high quality celebration cakes and hand made chocolates. We knew this was something we could do very well, and it is what the reputation of The Cake Room is built upon.

However, it wasn’t very long before our customers began to enquire after some of the more traditional product lines from the days of Skeltons Bakery. As our reputation for creating first class decorated cakes grew, so did the number of requests for curd cheese cakes, maids of honour, bake well tarts and blackcurrant slices.

Such was the level of interest that we decided to produce a few samples, just to see how they sold. We never looked back.

Word spread quickly and the demand for Skeltons traditional confectionery continues to increase. These have become some of our best-selling products and they are still made to the same recipes that made them famous locally.